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99 Sentences
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99 Sentences Get By In Spanish

Yes that's right! with just 99 sentences you can manage in Spanish. Those 99 sentences allow you to have a good grip on the needed grammar and vocabulary for a successfull vacation in South America or in Spain.

Even if you don't go on vacation, the 99 sentences will be equally useful, because they will allow you to master the basic grammar and vocabulary in order to talk to any Spanish speaker.

The 99 sentences are conveniently divided into twenty sections :

1. Greetings
2. I don't understand
3. Transport inquiries
4. Exclamations
5. Transport by bus
6. Numbers 1 to 20
7. Transport by train
8. Private transport
9. Accommodation
10. Days of the week
11. Inquiries
12. Months
13. Drinking
14. Eating
15. The time
16. Buying things
17. Numbers 21 to 2000
18. Sightseeing
19. Problems
20. Conversation

You can get an immediate electronic download including :

  • an 'exe' version of the ebook (you can hear the pronunciation of every word and sentence, on Internet, with a simple click)

    Note : this file does not work on MAC

  • a 'pdf' version of the ebook (24 pages) for you to print out

Note : in order to use all the downloaded files, you will need two programs:

- Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the pdf file,
- a program to unzip the files, and

The 'exe' version means that you get a file that you can open on your WINDOWS computer (you don't need any other program in order to run that file).

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