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Spanish Subject Pronouns

tyou (sing, fam)
lhe / it
ellashe / it
ustedyou (sing, pol)
nosotros we (masculine)
nosotras we (feminine)
vosotros you (pl, fam, masculine)
vosotras you (pl, fam, feminine)
ellosthey (masculine)
ellasthey (feminine)
ustedesthey (pl, pol)

T is used when speaking to one person and is the familiar form generally used when speaking to family, firends and children.

Vosotros / vosotras is the plural form of t.

Usted and Ustedes are the polite forms of address to be used when talking to someone you do not know.

They take the third person forms of verbs : Usted takes the same form as he/she/it; Ustedes takes the same form as they.

In Spanish the subject pronoun is usually omitted, although it may be retained for emphasis or to avoid confusion.

The pronouns as listed above are also used after prepositions.

The exceptions are yo, which is replaced by m, and t which is replaced by ti.

After con (with) m and ti change as follows : conmigo/contigo.

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