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Spanish Imperfect Tense

This tense is used to express what was going on regularly over an indefinite period of time and is sometimes translated by used to + infinitive. It is formed as follows :

hablar to speak

habl-abaI was speaking
habl-abasyou were speaking (sing, fam)
habl-abahe / she was speaking,
you were speaking
(sing, pol)
habl-ábamos we were speaking
habl-abaisyou were speaking (pl, fam)
habl-abanthey were speaking,
you were speaking
(pl, pol)

comer to eat

com-íaI was eating
com-íasyou were eating (sing, fam)
com-íahe / she was eating,
you were eating
(sing, pol)
com-íamos we were eating
com-íaisyou were eating (pl, fam)
com-íanthey were eating,
you were eating
(pl, pol)

recibir to receive

recib-íaI was receiving
recib-íasyou were receiving (sing, fam)
recib-íahe / she was receiving,
you were receiving
(sing, pol)
recib-íamos we were receiving
recib-íaisyou were receiving (pl, fam)
recib-íanthey were receiving,
you were receiving
(pl, pol)

Two other useful regular verbs in the imperfect tense are :

estar to be

est-abaI was
est-abasyou were (sing, fam)
est-abahe / she was,
you were
(sing, pol)
est-ábamos we were
est-abaisyou were (pl, fam)
est-abanthey were,
you were
(pl, pol)

tener to have

ten-íaI had
ten-íasyou had (sing, fam)
ten-íahe / she had,
you had
(sing, pol)
ten-íamos we had
ten-íaisyou had (pl, fam)
ten-íanthey had,
you had
(pl, pol)

The following are irregular in the imperfect tense :

ser to be

eraI was
erasyou were (sing, fam)
erahe / she was,
you were
(sing, pol)
éramos we were
eraisyou were (pl, fam)
eranthey were,
you were
(pl, pol)

ir to go

ibaI was going
ibasyou were going (sing, fam)
ibahe / she was going,
you were going
(sing, pol)
íbamos we were going
ibaisyou were going (pl, fam)
ibanthey were going,
you were going
(pl, pol)

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