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Spanish Imperative

When speaking to people using Usted or Ustedes forms, commands are made by removing the -ar, -er or -ir from the infinitive and adding these endings :

 singular plural 
hablar to speak habl-ehabl-en
comer to eat com-acom-an
recibir to receive recib-a recib-an

When you are telling someone not to do something, forms above are used and no is placed in front of the verb.

To form the imperative used to give commands to people you would normally address as and vosotros, the endings -ar, -er and -ir are removed from the verb and these endings are added :

 singular plural 
hablar to speak habl-ahabl-ad
comer to eat com-ecom-ed
recibir to receive recib-e recib-id

To form a negative imperative to people addressed as and vosotros, no is placed in front of the verb and the endings change :

 singular plural 
hablar no habl-esno habl-éis
comer no com-asno com-áis
recibir no recib-as no recib-áis

Pronouns are added to the end of the imperative form.

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