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Spanish Future Tense

To form the future tense in Spanish (I will do, you will do, etc) the following endings must be added to the infinitive :

hablar to will speak

hablar-éI will speak
hablar-ásyou will speak (sing, fam)
hablar-áhe / she will speak,
you will speak
(sing, pol)
hablar-émos we will speak
hablar-éisyou will speak (pl, fam)
hablar-ánthey will speak,
you will speak
(pl, pol)

The immediate future can also be translated by ir + a + infinitive.

Sometimes the future tense in Spanish indicates probability.

In Spanish, as in English, the future can sometimes be expressed by the present tense.

However, Spanish often use the present tense where the future would be used in English.

The following verbs are irregular in the future tense :

decir to saydiré
hacer to doharé
poder to be able podré
poner to putpondré
querer to wantquerré
saber to knowsabré
salir to go outsaldré
tener to havetendré
venir to comevendré

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