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About / Contact

This website was set up and is maintained by Patrick Auta.

Patrick was born in Belgium in 1961.

By the age of 18 he already spoke four languages (French, Dutch, English and Spanish). He then added Italian, German and Portuguese to his list.

In 1993, while working in an Arabic translation Bureau as a desktop publisher, and becoming frustrated by the fact that he had to call the translator each time he deleted an Arabic letter, he decided to learn Arabic and its specific script (from left to right).

This led him to scripts that are different from our Latin alphabet : Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Thai, Cambodgian, Bengali, Burmese, Persian, Amharic, ...

Up to now, he has studied more than twenty languages (including Hungarian, Polish, Turkish, Vietnamese).

If you ask him how he considers his interest in languages, he might reply that they were "just" a hobby a long time ago but, by far, they have now become a passion.

A passion he wants to share with as many people as possible via this website.

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